I am an analyst and though I do appreciate algebraic geometry, my knowledge is rather limited. However, recently I have been in need to understand blow-ups in manifolds with corners ([1]).

By doing so, I felt the need to understand these blow-ups a bit bettter even from the algebraic point of view and have been searching for good introductory ressources. In particular it it seemed to be a good time to get some loose grip on Hironaka's result. Following the title of Herwig Hauser's article "The proof I always wanted to understand."

Here are some links to wokrs that I found helpful:



  • Borcherds, 2021: Online Course on Algebraic Geometry (In particular lecture 34,35 in AGI and 45 in AGII.)

  1. See for instance chapter five in Melrose's book(draft) Differential analysis on manifolds with corners. ↩︎

Christian Jäh

Christian Jäh